Bridging Continents: Longlands Primary School and the Freehold Learning Centre unite for unique learning experiences

In a globalised world, where boundaries fade and connectivity thrives, Longlands Primary School in England and Freehold Learning Centre in the USA are pioneering a path towards international collaboration and understanding. Their partnership signifies a commitment to transcending geographical barriers and embracing diverse perspectives through innovative educational initiatives.

The schools have joined forces with a shared vision of expanding their pupils’ horizons and cultivating a sense of global citizenship. Despite the distance that separates them, the two providers have united to create enriching experiences for their pupils.

Central to this collaboration is the Pen Pal Programme, enabling children from both schools to connect across the Atlantic. Through digital communication, students exchange cultural insights, personal experiences and forge meaningful friendships.

Utilising technology, the pupils engage in real-time conversations and collaborative projects via video calls and recorded videos. These virtual sessions provide invaluable opportunities for cultural exchange and firsthand understanding of each other’s worlds.

Recognising the universal language of sports, friendly challenges are organised, fostering camaraderie and healthy competition among children from both schools.

Beyond academics, pupils explore each other’s customs, traditions, and cuisines through presentations, virtual tours, and interactive workshops, enriching their understanding of global diversity.

An exciting aspect of the collaboration is the exchange of parcels filled with culturally significant items, offering glimpses into each other’s lives and fostering curiosity and appreciation for different cultures.

Sally Flannery and Jillian Lazaro, Teachers at Freehold Learning Centre, expressed their excitement about the transformative impact of connecting with peers from Longlands Primary School; “Our Freehold Learning Centre students were excited to make friends with students the same age in a country so far away. What an opportunity this has been, being able to connect with children from Longlands Primary School through video. They are learning how to speak publicly and communicate through video. It’s really been exciting to watch our students’ reactions to these videos and their enthusiasm to make a video in return, and on top of it all, the world has become a friendlier place for our students.”

Lisa Millington, Headteacher at Longlands Primary School, highlights the profound impact of the partnership on Maple Class; “It is enriching their education and lives in so many ways, including being able to connect with peers from different countries, learning about new places, sharing the differences and similarities in how they live as well as taking part in activities and competitions together. We are delighted to be involved in such an exciting project.”

The collaboration between Longlands Primary School and Freehold Learning Centre exemplifies the power of education to transcend boundaries and foster global understanding, cultivating connections in an increasingly interconnected world.

Take a look at some of the activities that have taken place so far:


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