Year 4 – Elm Class

Welcome to Elm Class!

Taught by Mr Cross and supported by Miss Holding and Miss Brennan. 

In Elm Class we are a team where everyone works together to help each other. We have terrific fun learning with fabulous ideas and plenty of smiles. 

In the spring term we will be learning about the water cycle in Geography and the Romans in History. We will be looking at States of Matter and Classification in Science. 

We really enjoy reading our class novel and this will be the Night Bus Hero. In English we will be looking at various writing styles (Entertain, Inform and Persuade) and using our Geography lessons and picture books as inspiration. The children will also be exposed to various types of text in reading where they will develop their different reading skills such as inference, summarising and author choice. 

In RE we will be looking at People of God and Gospel Stories. The children will have the opportunity to study changes in pitch/tempo and designing motifs in Music. 

Our full curriculum letter can be found here:

Elm Class spring term curriculum letter 2024

Here’s the standard of reading that we aim for in Year 4.  Click here to learn more about  Phonics & Reading at Longlands.

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