Year 5 – Beech Class

Welcome to Beech Class! 

Our Year 5’s are taught by Mrs Bevan and supported by Miss Duce, Mr Thomas and Mrs Mazan.

Our class is a team where everyone works together to help each other achieve their very best. We strive to have terrific fun while learning with plenty of smiles!

In the spring term we will be exploring the life of the Vikings. One of our favourites! Mr Thomas has a passion for history and loves to share his knowledge with the class. He is particularly fond of all the gruesome details that really draw the interest of our pupils. Later, our geography topic gives us the chance to study an Alpine region, exploring the industry of winter sports and the community during the off season.

In science we will be extending our knowledge of dissolving and learn how to recover materials from a solution. We look at other methods of separating mixtures and carry out investigations, including a particularly delightful one where we attempt to clean up “sewage” before it is discharged into a river.  We investigate chemical reactions including burning and learn about reversible and irreversible changes.

We love to share books in Beech Class and ensure we always make time for our class novel. Reading daily at home is as important now as ever. It’s a fantastic way to unwind, supports our reading, writing, grammar, and spelling skills as well as flexing our imaginations.

Beech Class spring curriculum letter 2024currently being updated, please check back soon!

Useful information:

Here’s the standard of reading that we aim for in Year 5.  Click here to learn more about  Phonics & Reading at Longlands.

During the spring term we have PE on Monday afternoons with Miss Holding and on Friday mornings with Mrs Bevan. This term will include gymnastics, orienteering, tennis and dance. Please ensure the correct kit is in school on both days. Thank you!

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